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Local communities play a crucial role in encouraging the safe and responsible use of pain medication. The materials in this section can be used by diverse groups such as community coalitions, employers and businesses, patient and family support groups, law enforcement agencies, researchers, parents, educators, and many others.

We encourage you to visit and download the resources provided below in each section and use them freely to raise awareness and educate others on safe medication practices. You are welcome to adapt, customize, and disseminate the materials to best meet your needs.

Educational Tools


Print out this 4-page brochure to give to patients in the waiting room or provide to patients before prescribing prescription medications to help promote safe pain management and medication practices.


Print out these 1-page handouts to give to patients in the waiting room or provide to patients before prescribing prescription medications to help promote safe pain management and medication practices.


Here are some posters for your office to help educate patients on safe pain management and medication practices.

Local Communities

RecoveryOhio Initial Report

The RecoveryOhio Advisory Council’s Initial Report provides recommendations on how to improve prevention, treatment, and recovery support efforts that address the state’s public health crisis – mental health and substance use.

Rapid Increase in Drug Overdoses Community Response Template

This document offers guidance on mobilizing immediate local efforts to respond to EpiCenter anomalies when overdose visits to emergency departments (ED) and urgent care centers increase in a community.

Ohio Public Health Data Warehouse: Mortality Data

An online tool through which users can explore Ohio mortality data. Reports on overdose-related deaths sorted by year, county, and specific drug(s) are available; users may also run customized reports.

Ohio Overdose Prevention Network

The Ohio Overdose Prevention Network (Ohio OPN), formerly the Prescription Drug Abuse Action Group (PDAAG), is a subgroup of the Ohio Injury Prevention Partnership (OIPP). It was created to focus specifically on the epidemic of drug overdose deaths. The purpose of the Ohio OPN is to identify and implement actions for the prevention of drug misuse, abuse and overdose and to serve as a means of communication and collaboration on this topic among interested organizations, agencies and individuals throughout the state.

Words Matter to Reduce Stigma 

The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OMHAS) has created specific resources around the language we use to reduce stigma. When talking or writing about substance use disorder, our words matter. 


Workplace and Employers

The Proactive Role Employers Can Take: Opioids in the Workplace

This workplace-focused report informs users about the current evidence surrounding opioid medications and their potential impact on the workplace. It also contains information about how partner effectively with benefit providers, assess current workplace policies and scope of drug testing, prioritize essential education efforts, and improve access to confidential help for employees.

Drug addiction affects all Ohioans

A flyer to help Ohioans understand the warning signs of opioid abuse.

If opioids have not relieved your chronic pain

Instead of relieving pain, opioids can sometimes be part of the problem. This resource helps Ohioans better understand pain, the role opioids and alternatives.

Is my pain medication making me worse?

This brochure help Ohioans better understand opioids and their potential impact.

Ohio Families

The G.A.P. Network

The G.A.P. Network was created to bring information, education, advocacy opportunities, networking, and support to individuals who have lost loved ones to overdose and family engagement groups that are working to end prescription drug and opiate addiction in Ohio.The network gives a voice to shattered families, provides needed support, and works diligently together to raise awareness, advocate for change, and impact policies that can save more Ohio families from the devastation of drug addiction.

Start Talking!

Start Talking! is a resource that provides parents, guardians, educators and community leaders the tools to start the conversation with Ohio’s youth about the importance of living healthy, drug-free lives.

Treatment and Recovery

Treatment works and people do recover. Everyone is different, and treatment should match the unique needs of the patient. Treatment options range from support groups to medication-assisted treatment in combination with traditional counseling. To learn more about finding treatment that is right for you, please visit our Learn More About Treatment and Recovery page . To learn more about helping a loved one who may be struggling with addiction, please visit our Help Someone page.

Naloxone Resources and Information

Project DAWN

Project DAWN (Deaths Avoided With Naloxone) Website for Ohio’s community naloxone (Narcan) distribution programs. Any person can visit a Project DAWN site to obtain a free naloxone kit and training on how to recognize and reverse an opioid overdose. Includes location and contact information for all local Project DAWN sites.

OH Against OD

OH Against OD (Ohio Against Overdoses) is a harm reduction campaign to increase naloxone awareness and warn of the dangers of fentanyl in Ohio's drug supply. The site includes tips on how to help reduce the risk of unintentional death from a drug overdose, downloadable resources for all community members and an interactive map to find harm reduction resources.